2019 News

by Alison on February 27, 2019

Sadly, we have realized that there is no way we can re-open Midwood Martial Arts. The nine month delay from when we signed the lease on the space on CIA and the time the landlords got the Certificate of Occupancy used up any money we had saved for the set up in the new space and any momentum we had to move forward.
A lot of thought went into this and we didn’t do it lightly or happily. There were many other things that we took into account that added up to this decision.
Midwood Martial Arts had a good run of more than 10 years. We have great memories of the many classes, tests, Beach, New Year’s and Dinosaur Trainings, dinners and parties we shared with our instructors and students.
We hope that martial arts have become part of your lives, as they have of ours. If not, we hope you will find another physical activity that keeps you healthy, happy and challenged.
Best wishes to all our friends and neighbors.
Shihan Alfred, Senseis Alison & Dante

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