Dojo Newsletter – February 2017

by Elizabeth on February 15, 2017

Matsumoto Dojo Kid’s Dojo Tournament 2017

Our students are invited to participate in Sensei Daisuke’s tournament at his dojo in Manhattan. As this is a smaller tournament and it is local, it provides a great learning opportunity for your child. We highly advise that you talk to your child about participating in either kata (forms) or kumite (fighting). This will prepare them for the bigger tournaments often held in late Spring or early Summer. Not only will they have the chance to test their skills, they will meet children from other dojos. Please let us know that you intend to register your child so that we can prepare them in class. Several of our students are either coming to class early or staying late to prepare for kata. We are happy to help your child succeed – send us an email at if you want your child to participate and get extra training. The fabric karate protectors – white padded gloves and shin pads that can be purchased at the front desk will be required for kumite. Chest protectors will be provided by Matsumoto Dojo.

The details can be found in these links: Tournament Schedule | Registration Form | Belt/Rank Conversion Chart

Saturday Classes at Midwood Martial Arts

We are going into our 3rd week of offering Saturday classes and thank all who have been attending. If you want to keep this class going, please be sure to attend. The extra day is a great opportunity for you or your child to workout and improve. In this class, Sempai Liz will go over basics, kata, drills, and sparring. The fabric karate protectors – white padded gloves and shin pads that can be purchased at the front desk are recommended. Saturday classes are held at 11am(kids) and 12pm(adults). See you there!

February 5th Belt Test 
Thank you to everyone who showed up to make the test a memorable event. We appreciate it. All of our children and adults fought hard to earn their new stripes or belts. Congratulations! If you were not chosen to test this time around, come to class as often as possible and train hard. Every class is an opportunity to learn something new. Osu!


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