How young can children start taking martial arts?

We offer Children’s Karate Skills classes for four and five year olds. These classes are shorter and less formal than Children’s Karate, so we can teach young ones basic kicks, punches, stances, and mat behavior.

For younger children we recommend gymnastics or creative movement. Either will help them learn to manage their bodies, and develop self-confidence and self-awareness. Knowing right from left is a big help in martial arts, too!

When do your classes start?

Our classes are ongoing and run all year long. Karate is not a semester thing, it is a way of life.

Most of our classes are offered on an ongoing basis. There are enough life events that interfere with our training, without us creating artificial stops and starts. We encourage you to train regularly

What happens if I miss a class?

You can take any other appropriate class that week.

Do I have to sign a contract to take your classes?

No. You (or your child) may take our classes on monthly or a drop-in basis. We do not charge any registration fees.

If you or your child are going to take karate on a regular basis you will want to get a uniform. They can be purchased from NYC Fitness Club.

For your free trial please wear (or bring – you can change at the gym) comfortable clothes you can move in easily. In general, long pants are a better choice than shorts.

Do I need an appointment for my trial class?

No appointment is necessary but we suggest that you contact us to let us know you are coming in the unlikely event that we will not be able to accommodate you. Please also check our schedule to make sure classes are being held as usual. Four times a year we hold karate promotion tests usually during regular class hours. Those days are not appropriate for trial classes.

What do your classes cost?

See our class-rates page.