About Us

How are we different from other martial arts and fitness schools?

We are a family-run school and our three main instructors are father, mother and son. Shihan Alfred and Sensei Alison have four children and three of them are black belts in karate. The other is a basketball coach and personal trainer, so martial arts and fitness are a way of life in our home.

We also don’t believe in the business model that says you have to “bait and switch” and lock students into long contracts to have a successful martial arts and fitness school. Many schools that follow this model will offer you a really low rate (even free) at first and then tie you into a contract to continue. They won’t even tell you how much it costs to train with them until you, or your child, are hooked. Once the contract is signed, they sell your debt to a third party, and they keep getting paid even if you don’t take any more classes. If you do keep taking classes the cost of continuing will get higher and higher, as you will be required to get more gear, more uniforms and more classes.

Our prices are simple –

You may take a $10 trial class. After that our monthly prices are designed to be affordable, especially if you have more than one family member taking classes with us. If you sign up you can take any of our classes that are appropriate for you, not just one day and time.
We now work for NYC Fitness Club and they collect all monies. We have negotiated special deals for our students. We also offer a drop in rate, for months when you know you can’t come at least four times. We are trying to keep it easy to train.

If you get serious about the karate program, we will require you to buy a set of shinpads and knucklepunches for $30 to protect your legs and hands during sparring after you reach blue belt. The lower level promotion tests, blue, yellow and orange stripe, only cost the price of a class. Full belt promotions are $65, up to green belt ($75), brown belt ($85) and black belt ($300). Try asking another school how much they charge to test for a new belt, and you may find that they don’t want to tell you.

Kick-boxers may wish to purchase their own personal gloves and/or headgear for $45 each.

We are committed to making exercise fun and affordable for everyone. Alfred has run a martial arts school for over 35 years. He is a perfect example of how exercise keeps you young.

Our school is our second home.
Please contact us to discuss how you can get started with classes you enjoy.


Alfred DiGrazia, Alison Morea & family