Alfred DiGrazia

Founder of Oyama Enomichi Karate, was Brooklyn branch chief for World Oyama Karate Organization for over 20 years.

He trained with Soshu Shigeru Oyama, Kyokoshin Karate’s fighting master and a student of Mas Oyama, the founder, who was taught by the founders of Shotokan and Goju-Ryu.

Shihan Alfred is a former competitive bodybuilder and an enthusiastic proponent of the active lifestyle.


Alison Morea

Trained with Alfred DiGrazia for more than 18 years, earning her san-dan (third degree rank) in Oyama Enomichi Karate. She is the mother of four children, ages 15-26, three of whom practice karate.

She teaches several martial arts classes for women only as well as open adult, teen and children’s classes.


Dante DiGrazia

“Coach” Dash Kupper

Coach Dash“Coach” Dash Kupper is an Oyama brown belt (2nd Kyu) and a certified personal trainer.
His passion is for fitness and basketball. He was on the citywide high school winning team in 2006, and was Assistant Coach at CUNY John Jay (Go Bloodhounds!).
He now teaches at Manhattan Basketball Training, as well as offering Kickboxing, Conditioning Camp and personal training at MMA & FFC.



Zane Kupper

has trained in karate with Alfred DiGrazia since he was six years old and earned his black belt when he was 17.

He expanded his training by studying Kung Fu with Sifu Carl Stanchel in New Paltz, NY.