Dante DiGrazia is a 3rd dan Full-Contact Karate Black Belt under Shihan Alfred DiGrazia. Born into a family of Karate fighters, it was only natural that Sensei Dante began his training at 4 years old. After years of intense training, he earned his black belt at 17 years old. Carrying his passion into adulthood, Dante has explored a variety of martial arts styles that he integrated into his Karate techniques.

An active fighter, Dante competes in Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. He is comfortable competing in front of packed audiences since he’s competed since childhood in tournaments.

In addition to this, he is certified in Progressive Calisthenics through DragonDoor. Sensei Dante doesn’t believe you need weights to get stronger – body weight work outs can help you feel great, shed some pounds, and get into amazing shape. Feel your best with one of his Karate or Bootcamp classes!


Elizabeth Lotto is a 1st dan Karate Black Belt under Shihan Alfred DiGrazia and teaches our Women’s Only curriculum. Senpai Liz understands that women’s bodies move differently – women are four to six times more likely than men to damage their knees and hips. This is because girls are not taught the body mechanics that works for their body. Women are more likely to activate the wrong muscle groups, leading to muscle imbalances that can cause injuries that are easily prevented through proper technique and body education.
In her classes, women will learn the techniques of Karate fighting while improving their body mechanics, confidence, and health.┬áHer classes include live sparring, an important experience that is often left out of Women’s Only classes.


No Experience? No problem! Under the direction of our experienced instructors, you’ll reach your fitness goals while learning real fighting and real self-defense. Contact us today!



All of our staff are AED/CPR certified.