At Midwood Martial Arts, Sensei Dante combines traditional karate with grappling and face contact, bringing this Japanese art to the next level as MMA increases in popularity. Our adult classes run in a traditional format – focusing on drills, bag work, forms, and basics. Each class wraps up with full-contact sparring. Children’s classes follow a similar format, with BJJ techniques woven throughout the curriculum. It is not uncommon for sparring in the children’s classes to go from standing, striking combat, to grappling as our students get an increased understanding of taking down their opponent and bringing them to the ground.

We also have a Wednesday night no-gi fighting class (teens and adults only) where Sensei Dante implements practical head movement drills to counter the one weakness of Karate – lack of face punches. Students are encouraged to bring full size shin pads, boxing gloves, mouth piece, and helmet to this class. Sparring includes face contact.

Sensei Dante is a 3rd Dan Karate blackbelt. He is a BJJ blue belt and fights in regional MMA events. He can help you prepare for the cage, or get ready for your next tournament.